• fire-alarm-transmission

    Fire alarm transmission

    Pursuant to the operative National Fire Codes, all installed automatic fire alarm devices must be supervised 24/7, either by trained personnel or by using a monitoring service. The IntelliAlarm Fire IP service of our company offers solution to fire alarm transmission tasks both for customers officially bound to direct fire service transmission and for customers bound to normal 24-hour remote monitoring.

  • gps-based-tracking

    GPS based tracking

    We offer our GPS personal protection services for both private and corporate purposes to our clients. In both cases our localization and remote monitoring system has coverage all over the country. It is able to determine the location of the device which is wearable on your wrist in your hand or can be carried in your pocket. It is also able to send emergency calls promptly so that our dispatchers can intervene right away.

  • prompt-information

    Prompt information

    In the transmission of industrial alarms and the related monitoring service of industrial threshold limit is an important part of our portfolio: the operational parameters of dangerous plants, factories, power stations, gas containers, etc. must continuously be monitored, and the alerting actions that become necessary based on the alteration of the measured values must be done as fast and as accurate as possible.

  • smart-buildings

    Smart buildings

    As the privileged partner of United Technology Alliance since 2016 our company undertakes the design and implementation of intelligent building control systems, whereby we offer our current customers a modern, convenient and cost-effective solution by which conversion time and operating costs are reduced and the tenants’ comfort level increases.

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