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Company history

The three owners of IntelliAlarm Zrt. have several decades of professional experience in the market of international security technology and telecommunication/IT. Upon its inception, the company wished to shape a market-leader role in offering primarily fire alarm and alarm transmission services. Asian venture investors ensured financial background for this. After the positive start of the company, the current majority owner bought in his business share from the venture investors, so the company is 100% in Hungarian ownership.

August 2012

IntelliAlarm Zrt. was the first in Hungary to launch direct fire alarm transmission via the Electronic Backbone Network of the Government (EKG or NTG), starting live fire alarm transmission service. The signals are received directly in the Erőgazdálkodási és Riasztás Információs Rendszer (Information Systems of Power Management and Alarm – ERIR) operated by the Országos Katasztrófavédelemi Főigazgatóság (National Disaster Management Directorate).

April 2013

The company purchased the fire alarm transmission branch of the KHVT Nonprofit Kft., by which it became one of the market leaders in direct fire alarm transmission.

Besides utilizing the telematic infrastructure of IntelliAlarm Zrt., it set out a service system so secure and meeting all regulations, that is wanted to act as a model both in the domestic and in the Eastern European market in the upcoming years.

In possession of the acquired experience and business knowledge our company’s objective is to introduce the model of cooperation between enterprise and authority not only in Hungary but in many other European countries.

Our mission

IntelliAlarm Zrt. is committed to providing security technological services via public or private IP networks. The IntelliAlarm Fire IP service of the company offers solution to fire alarm transmission tasks both for customers who are officially obligated to use either direct fire service transmission or normal 24-hour remote monitoring.


The services should be implemented with the help of the latest electronic achievements of modern times, utilizing the flexibility of the telecommunication market and its added ability to create value.


Such outstanding software automatisms or artificial intelligence modules should be utilized in each service, which are able to give recommendations to the dispatchers in analyzing the actions by continuously analyzing behavioral, visual, vocal and other information and also in connection with the suggested actions. The security of any kind of monitored systems can significantly be increased with these techniques.


Our mission is to complement basic security services with convenience or extra services that provide customers with a variety of configuration options in addition to real-time information. All these are fulfilled on such a universal and flexible platform, which offers transparent information, automated and electronic customer management model to the clients from the placement of order to the payment of bills.



Technical background

The telematical infrastructure of our company is provided by our partner’s network: as a RIPE Local Internet Registry, the full range of the management of IP networks is available to us; safe operation without outage can be ensured in our air-conditioned machine room equipped with redundant power supply.

Based on our agreement with Magyar Telekom Nyrt., for the connection of endpoint devices (CPEs) we linked up with our partner’s IP network on a secure channel, so the individual alarm signals arrive directly and securely in our centre.

The direct fire alarms to the responsible fire departments

are sent to the Shield (Pajzs) Action Management System through the Fire Alarm Reception Center (TFK) of the Disaster Management, which has the advantage that fire alarms are directly received by the relevant fire departments without any human intervention.

Signal distribution

is assured by the UniAlarm Dispatcher system, which provides all-inclusive technical solution from the reception of the signals to their passing to the station of the authorities. Our devices used for the IP-based transmission technology are delivered by Cisco, Hewlett-Packard and IBM, while the softwares of WMware and Citrix are used for our virtualizational and cloud-based solutions.

Quality and security policy

The quality-based approach, the protection of the customer and personal data, and meeting the expectations of the concerned parties is handled as a dominant component by the management of IntelliAlarm Zrt. For all these, in the services of the security system we have built up, continuously operate and develop an integrated management system including quality control and information security control systems which meet the requirements of the regulations MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 on behalf of the quality assurance and MSZ ISO/IEC 27001:2006 on behalf of the information security.

The basic goals of the operation and continuous development of the management system of IntelliAlarm Zrt. are as follows:

In the field of quality control:

  • The continuous availability and development of the technical knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for the security system services.
  • Increasing the internal operation and efficiency of the company by continuously developing the internal processes and management system.
  • Complete fulfillment of the undertaken commitments in services.
  • Maintaining and further increasing the economic value and reputation of IntelliAlarm Zrt.
  • Completing the existing basic services with comfort and extra services.

In the field of information security:

  • Preserving the confidentiality of the customer, partner, employee, contract and other business information, in particular the secure management of the customers’ private data.
  • Continuous provision of security services’ information protection for clients.
  • Maintaining the information security of the applied supporting IT systems by ensuring their continuous operation, including the guaranteeing of the conditions of the necessary telework.

The basic object of IntelliAlarm Zrt. is to achieve simultaneous appreciation and satisfaction of all interested parties by observing the principles of its quality assurance and information security policy, by introducing its management system, by its continuous operation and development.

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