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As the provider of the website, IntelliAlarm Tűz és Riasztás Átjelző Zrt. (hereafter the Data recipient) stores your data primarily in the interest of measuring attendance and of the basically necessary technical service. The Data recipient manages all data and facts referring to the users’ confidentiality, uses them exclusively for fulfilling its services and development. The publication of the statement made of these is only in such a format that is not suitable for individual identification of the single users.



We do not transmit your data to third parties except if the third party operates as subcontractor of the Data recipient at the time of the delivery of the contract or except the mandatory data transmission prescribed by law. We proceed according to law while handling your data.



The handling of the data provided to the use of the website occurs with the user’s voluntary consent. In developing this current data protection statement we considered the LXIII. Regulation of the year 1992 about the protection of personal data and about the publicity of data of general interest and also the provisions of the VI. Regulation of the year 1998 about the annunciation of the Agreement dated January 28, 1981 in Strasbourg about the protection of individuals during the automatic processing of personal data.



In the course of automatic processing of personal data we process the data bona fide and lawfully, we store the data only for the above and lawful purpose, we do not use them in a different way. The data are commensurate with the purpose of their storage, answer the purpose, do not expand beyond. The method of data storage is that it allows the identification of the data subject only for the time it is necessary for the purpose of storage.



The Data recipient applies adequate safety provisions in the interest of the protection of personal data stored in automated files to impede accidental or illegal destruction, accidental forfeit, illegal access, alteration or distribution.

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