Smart buildings

The buildings of the future for the comfort of tenants

As the privileged partner of United Technology Alliance since 2016 our company undertakes the design and implementation of intelligent building control systems, whereby we offer our current customers a modern, convenient and cost-effective solution by which conversion time and operating costs are reduced and the tenants’ comfort level increases.


The complete building automation products manufactured by Amit and ENIKA companies are industrial quality; from the smallest to the most complex projects can be formed with their help. Moreover, their pricing is really friendly compared to those same category of goods. In addition to the wired RS485 bus communication, these devices work with an encrypted 868 MHz wireless communication so that they can be used in existing buildings – even with the extension of the already existing system.


The available and most frequently sought-after features:

  • Lighting and shading control
  • Temperature, light intensity and humidity measurement
  • Presence and motion detectors
  • Cooling and heating control systems
  • Freely programmable contollers
  • Remote controls and remote IP access
  • Central gateway to any timing or programmable event


The entire product range is compatible with ABB Electro Praga assembly family, thus to any appliances there can be an optional mounting unit in matching colours and shapes.

If you operate office buildings, warehouses and industrial facilities, please, consult us for a free assessment and quote aimed at cost reduction. For developers and designers we give a personalized presentation free of charge where they can have the opportunity to test the benefits of the systems.

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