Fire alarm transmission

Pursuant to the operative National Fire Codes, all installed automatic fire alarm devices must be supervised 24/7, either by trained personnel or by using a monitoring service. The IntelliAlarm Fire IP service of our company offers solution to fire alarm transmission tasks both for customers officially bound to direct fire service transmission and for customers bound to normal 24-hour remote monitoring.

Thanks to the proprietary background, our company – unlike other transmission service providers – has nearly 10 years of experience in operating a large network and an active international infrastructure, so in Hungary it was the first to introduce the packet-switched, IP-based remote transmission services; the advantages are detailed in the next section of our offer.



The benefits of using the service

Modern technology and connection with the fire department

IntelliAlarm Fire IP uses the data link system of the future, which is more secure and reliable than the traditional ISDN or GSM systems: the packet-switched event transmission path with alternative backup route is the best solution qualified according to the EN50130.  Fire alarms are sent directly via the TFK system to the Shield system operated by the National Disaster Management Directorate.


Guaranteed signaling time, reliable dispatcher center

All elements – including the hardware and software elements – of our transmission system were put to long testing and certification according to the MSZ EN 54-21 regulation, that is how we can guarantee our customers the delivery of the individual alarms within 10 seconds. Our qualified operators work in our dispatch center round the clock; their work is supported by automated softwares checking the content of the alarms.


Integrated line monitoring

Unlike other enterprises offering transmission, our IntelliAlarm Fire IP service guarantees the continuous and automated monitoring of the transmitted routes in an integrated manner, without any surcharges. In the compilation of our transmission services our main conception was that you could solve all necessary tasks with a sole service provider.


Supplementary services

Intelligent monitoring and signaling of any technical errors

Our UniAlarm Dispatcher system working in our headquarters ensures a unique opportunity: based on the parameters of the incoming alarms, we can calculate the signs implying either the technical error of the fire alarm system or its configuration problems with high accuracy. False alarms can be prevented with this, and you can save the fire protection fines and the fees of false runs.


Downloading lists of alarms and events

The alarm statistics and the full periodic event list are downloadable either from our customer service or from our self-service online customer center.


Customized notification options

We offer a customized notification system to our customers, in which each contact will only be informed about the really important events. Unnecessary – even early morning – phone calls or unimportant temporal messages are ended.

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