GPS based tracking

Personal protection

We offer our GPS personal protection services for both private and corporate purposes to our clients. In both cases our localization and remote monitoring system has coverage all over the country. It is able to determine the location of the device which is wearable on your wrist in your hand or can be carried in your pocket. It is also able to send emergency calls promptly so that our dispatchers can intervene right away.


For companies / contractors

In certain professions and dangerous fields, during work automatic protection may be needed, which is capable of prompt alarm and the exact determination of location in case of accident or attack. Fast information flow may save lives, so in these fields safe work may be possible. Such fields are eg. the followings: people working in forestry, in high altitudes, people providing security watch, searchers, salespeople, people carrying money or valuables.


For private persons

It is an unfortunate fact that there may be life situations, when the margin of our loved ones is limited due to their ages or some kind of illness, and they might get lost or get into unexpected situations. It might be a particularly good solution for hiking or tourist groups, sportsmen, children or young people, or even for the continuous surveillance of dogs or cats.


Medical alert

We provide installation and management of a medical alert device system with national coverage, as well as the related monitoring and dispatching services. We are trying to minimize the vulnerability of old and single people by the emergency pager device, which can be worn either on the arm or in the neck. With its help, our dispatchers ready for intervention can be reached 24/7, directing a nurse, patrol car or doctor to the location of the emergency call.

The GPS tracking system integrated in the devices allows the accurate location of the emergency call even in case of an accident or loss of consciousness. Our emergency caller systems are equipped with the newest technology which ensures remote monitoring of even blood pressure gauges.


The applied devices do not require much space, and their operation is movable, so the monitored person can use it while shopping or traveling, not only in his/her home. Our applied system allows the establishment of two-way voice communication, enabling the reassurance of the person initiating the emergency call and the accurate recognition of the evolved situation.


We offer them to:

  • Single, old persons
  • Ill persons, who have difficulty moving around
  • Socially needy persons, who are limited in their abilities to care for themselves
  • Persons suffering from various, even special illnesses


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