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In the transmission of industrial alarms and the related monitoring service of industrial threshold limit is an important part of our portfolio: the operational parameters of dangerous plants, factories, power stations, gas containers, etc. must continuously be monitored, and the alerting actions that become necessary based on the alteration of the measured values must be done as fast and as accurate as possible.


With the help of our measuring, signaling and processing devices and softwares tested according to the relevant technical specifications we are able to collect different statuses and levels, then process them in real time and evaluate the results. The alarms that become necessary when taking into account the pre-set limits can be sent directly to the relevant response or maintenance department, maybe directly to the authorities.


We offer the service with national coverage with our mobile devices. If necessary, it is possible to monitor devices / facilities even abroad via encrypted VPN channels. Of course our system is able to cooperate with the devices of the largest manufacturers, but custom developments may be implemented as well.


Various applications:

  • Monitoring fluid levels, water level, dangerous materials, and signaling their fluctuation
  • Monitoring the amount and temperature of gases and signaling their fluctuation
  • Transmission of technical and travel data of road and air vehicles, signaling danger
  • Surveillance of various technical specifications and dangerous operations of factories, industrial facilities
  • Surveillance and remote administration of production lines, automated manufacturing systems

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