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Dear Customers,

Please be advised that on April 2 of this year a sales contract came into being between KHVT Nonprofit Kft. and IntelliAlarm Zrt., meaning that the fire alarm transmission branch of KHVT Nonprofit Kft. was purchased by IntelliAlarm Zrt. By taking over the contracts, KHVT Nonprofit Kft. terminates its direct consumer service, while our company guarantees to suit for the operative MSZ EN 54-21 standard specified by the OTSZ to its new customers, and the direct signal transmission via the Electronic Backbone Network of the Government required by the Fővárosi Katasztrófavédelmi Igazgatóság (Disaster Management Directorate of the Capital).

It is very important that the technical switchover has already occurred – service is rendered by IntelliAlarm Zrt. as of April 2. In connection with this you do not have to do anything, the proceedings operating so far are in force henceforward, the fire alarms are signaled directly in the dispatch center of the fire department.

Please use our call center – our dispatch center is available from here 24/7 – instead of the usual dispatching phone number.

+36 1 700-1-600 / button 9

Our dispatchers are available to you in extended shifts, but we apologize for the additional waiting time due to the takeover.

Our colleagues at customer service will contact you continually in the following weeks, offering you personalized solutions as well, to increase the efficiency of the current services and to decrease the costs as far as possible.

At last, we would like to welcome our new customers among the partners of our company; we are confident that you will also like our commitment and technical efficiency and we expect a long-term and outstanding business relationship.

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