The first new, direct fire alarm transmission system of the capital

The first system operated by IntelliAlarm Zrt. switched into the new, direct fire alarm transmission network of the Fővárosi Tűzoltóság (Fire department of the capital) passed the live examination as well, so it was launched. In the system, the signals from the single objects reach the mission control system of the communications center directly, using the electronic backbone network of the government.


The particular service providers can transmit automatically the fire alarms of the protected objects directly to the mission control system of the communications center on duty by observing the single statutory requirements homogeniously, safely, and to the maximum based on the standard IT conception elaborated by the fire department last year. Though there has already been direct fire alarm transmission in our country for nearly 10 years, this is the first system, which sorts and professionalizes the fire alarm transmission service according to both the law and IT.


As opposed to the current practice, the fire alarms and the information about them do not get displayed on an independent provider computer; they get activated right away in the mission control system when the alarm comes in.

„This way, instead of the usual practice, the effective run may happen even minutes earlier. The information exchange becomes more convenient and flexible between the fire department and the providers.”

Schütz Péter, CEO of IntelliAlarm Zrt. said.


He also added:

„We hope that our work of almost 10 months will help protect against fire and might as well save people’s lives”.


The subscribers are already very much interested in the new opportunity. The company would like the attitude that the money spent on protecting against fire is the „necessary ill” to change fundamentally. In terms of this, in the future they would like to make efforts towards the technical developments, so that new and innovative transmission services could evolve according to the demands and expectations of the era.


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